How to be Paperless and Compliant in Onboarding

The world is no longer one of papers and filing cabinets. Technology has allowed for much of our lives to be digital, fitting within the confines of a phone screen. The numerous HR processes are not immune from this trend either. In 2015, 77% of HR professionals said their department was either....

Award-Winning Onboarding (Not So) Secrets

Hiring, firing and everything in between.

The area between talent acquisition and talent management.

The candidate to applicant experience.

We talk about all these things but rarely talk about onboarding at length, and it’s a darn shame because onboarding is the thing that actually fits in all....

Stop Stress With a Strong Talent Pipeline

Nothing halts the job of HR professionals and recruiters like a lack of a strong talent pipeline. It’s hard to recruit when there is no talent pool to recruit from. However, blame not the talent, but the stale pipeline strategies that have been used over and over again. Companies have to adapt....

Employee Onboarding: The Talent Bridge That’s Falling Down

We realized after the smashing success of last week’s article Employee Onboarding Solution: The Talent Bridge That’s Broken, that there was a need for onboarding information. Whether you are struggling under processes that don’t work, systems that aren’t scaling or software that doesn’t meet....

Why is an Easier Onboarding Program Important?

Companies rarely realize the impact a great onboarding process can have. It sets the tone for the entire relationship and is the professional equivalent of a first date.

Want an Easier New Hire Onboarding Process? Go Paperless!

Easier onboarding and paperless onboarding go hand-in-hand; without the hassle of filling out a bunch of forms, the ability for your new hires to do it conveniently and wherever they please, the whole onboarding process is a bit simpler for everyone. It keeps you up-to-date with hiring trends,....

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