The New Click Boarding: Unveiled!

The New Click Boarding

New website, check. New branding, check. New product, check! Excited? Yes!  Exhausted? More like exhilarated that we’ve launched! 

4 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Onboarding Software

What makes for a successful employee onboarding software? Is it a slick interface that makes everything look shiny, clean, and simple? That helps people feel better about using it, but it’s not always the most important part. Is it that it’s saving you money? That’s great, but if you still don’t....

HR Tech is back with a record-breaking number of exhibitors!

Click Boarding Exhibiting in HR Tech’s Hot Startup Pavilion

 HR Tech is the world’s biggest and best conference on HR technology. In fact, Human Resource Executive® magazine just announced how this year’s event is the biggest yet, requiring a waiting list for any other organization....

Hireology Announces Onboarding

In alliance with Click Boarding™, Hireology Automates Onboarding Process for New Hires, Increasing Employee Engagement, Operational Efficiencies, and Enhancing the Employer Brand

We're excited to announce that Hireology has launched the newest addition to their product, Onboarding! Onboarding....

Why You Should Be Avidly Measuring Quality of Hire

It’s no secret that finding the right candidate for your open position can be a difficult and time consuming. Matching skills, education and cultural fit are rarely easy but on top of these must haves, what also needs to be taken into consideration during the hiring process is quality of hire.


Where the Purple Squirrels Really Are

The early onboarding process is important, but a continued relationship with an employee is just as pivotal. Employees aren’t done being recruited and retaining relationships post-hire keeps them in the long term hiring pipeline. Many companies look externally to fill positions when they may....

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