Top 3 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is king when it comes to retention, productivity, job satisfaction, and employee happiness. It's a big topic, and we've dedicated the last few months to figuring out what drives engagement by diving deep into Gallup's 12 elements of engagement for 2017. Next week, we're posting the last write up and I am SO EXCITED! This has been a fantastic series, I've learned a lot while writing it, and I hope that you've learned a few new things along the way too. To celebrate, and build a little suspense, we built out this free infographic that illustrates our top 3 tips for boosting employee engagement so far. Feel free to download, read through the other articles, and enjoy!



If you want more information on how to improve employee engagement, feel free to reach out to one of our onboarding experts, or check out our "How to" blog series so far. You'll find all of the links below. Stay tuned for the final element next week!

How to Improve Employee Engagement

  1. Start with Expectations
  2. Focus on Productivity  
  3. Allow Employees to Do their Best Work
  4. Give Praise
  5. Show You Care
  6. Encourage Development
  7. Make their Opinions Count
  8. Make the Mission Clear
  9. Focus on Quality
  10. Find Good Friends
  11. Talk Progress


Available as a complimentary download:

Infographic: The Impact of an Unengaged Employee

Infographic: 21 Tactics to Engage New Hires

Report: State of the American Workplace report


Kathy Moening

Written by Kathy Moening

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