Think You’ve Got Onboarding Figured Out? Think Again.

Starting a new job is stressful. Especially when things don’t go the way they were planned. But, with HR teams focusing in on employee engagement and the candidate experience - we’re streamlining the process and making things better... right?

Our Top 5 Posts of 2017

Our goal is to publish content that helps HR teams engage and retain talent. Our posts cover everything from onboarding to employee engagement, the candidate experience, and beyond. With a little over 165 articles to choose from - here are the top 5 fan favorites in 2017.

Thank you for an amazing year!

We've had so much fun in 2017. It was the year for employee engagement, candidate experience and onboarding - and I'm so excited to hear that those topics will continue to headline 2018. Before we dive into the new year though, let's take a look back at some of our favorite moments of 2017.

4 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement

If you’re new to the Click Boarding blog, you may not be familiar with our near-obsessive belief that creating engaging experiences is the best way to retain talent. Engaged employees have a massive impact, and when employers make the effort to focus on the employee experience - they see....

How to Super-Charge Your Time-to-Hire

If you want to be a contender in today’s hyper-competitive and skills-focused job market, then it’s time to get smart and take a look at how you optimize time-to-hire. Time-to-hire measures the time between first contact (either sourcing or application) and an accepted job offer. The faster you....

Post-Halloween Stories: Onboarding Nightmares

When you remember nightmares you’ve had, what do they have in common? It might be running away from something, falling, failing, or being in a situation where you’re powerless to act. The common denominator is it’s always scary, and you had no control over your situation. Bad onboarding....

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