Extending the Employer Brand

When did “Employer Brand” became a thing? Closest I can tell, the first book on Employer Brand was written in 2005 and “brought the best of brand management to people at work.” The first academic paper was even stodgier: “We define the Employer Brand as the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment and identified with the employing company.”

These days, Employer Brand is considered the backbone of any well-constructed Talent Acquisition strategy. A Google search returns 69.6 million results in 0.62 seconds on all things “employer branding.” My most reliable expert? Craig Fisher. Because Craig Fisher understands it’s EMPLOYEE BRAND and not just a Talent Acquisition strategy. It’s an employee referral strategy. A retention strategy. A productivity and engagement strategy. He’s the first to tell you to keep recruiting your own employees because Lord knows your competition is.

How does one extend employer brand beyond the recruiting process, infuse it in the onboarding experience, collaborate cross-functionally to ensure it’s consistent with the employee experience? It needs to be; an employee experience that is not consistent with the picture painted with the brushes of employer brand, recruitment marketing, and candidate experience is flirting with attrition.

Check out my full conversation with Craig Fisher here. Craig shares insights on how consumer technology trickles down into Human Resources and employer technology. You’ll learn where to start in building or revamping a compelling Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition, why it needs to be accurate and not aspirational, and how marketing to your own employees takes pressure off constantly acquiring external talent. Take a listen and share your feedback!


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Jess Von Bank

Written by Jess Von Bank

Jess Von Bank has spent 15 years in the talent & HR space. Obsessed with connecting amazing talent to incredible opportunity, Jess is passionate about the talent lifecycle and its impact on the bottom line and your competitive edge. When she's not building your employees' best first day ever at Click Boarding, and she races for swag and raises 3 girls in Minneapolis.

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