Click Boarding Named Onboarding Partner of Workable’s Newly Launched Developer Program

Click Boarding’s proud to call Workable our new partner, as like Click Boarding regarding the onboarding process, Workable helps make the hiring experience easier and less frustrating for HR and candidates.

Workable announced the public launch of its Developer Partner Program and Developer site just this week, which means that HR technology solution providers like us can build seamless integrations inside the Workable platform for Workable customers.

Workable's CEO Nikos Moraitakis is quoted saying, "The landscape of enterprise software has changed with the development of smart, specialized SaaS products. Users expect not just intuitive tools, but tools which play well together. Workable is a central hub for hiring, integrating with the best job boards, recruiting and HR tools available. We're excited to build on this with open APIs which will facilitate easier integrations with the tools our customers trust and use every day."

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Workable Developer Partner Program announcement:

Workable Partner Program:


Karen Redetzki

Written by Karen Redetzki

Karen heads up all things marketing for Click Boarding including lead generation, brand, channel, events and communications. With Karen’s 17 years marketing experience in high-tech, Karen effectively delivers integrated sales and marketing programs that result in increased brand awareness and revenue opportunities.

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