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Kathy is a marketing manager at Click Boarding and directly responsible for brand, web, events and communications. She helps drive company growth through integrated sales and marketing programs that boost brand awareness and generate revenue opportunities.
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How to Get Onboarding Right, From Pre-hire to Retire

Starting a new role is stressful, whether an employee is changing roles, jobs, departments, or locations — or joining an organization for the first time. Learning new processes and adjusting to different expectations can be challenging and uncomfortable at any point in an employee’s career.

HR Tech is Back Baby!

Some of you may be wondering “What is HR Tech, and why is it such a big deal?” HR Tech is Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition, and it’s one of the largest HR-related events in the world. The conference is four full days - and I literally mean four full days - of....

7 Awesome Ice Breakers for New Employees

Congratulations! You’ve got someone new joining your team. If you’ve made it past the welcome stage safely, you may be wondering how you can help your new teammate to open up and get comfortable in their new environment. How do you get them to release some of those first-week jitters and ease....

T-10 Days Until Talent Innovation

We’re officially 10 days away from one of the most innovative talent acquisition events of the year, and I can’t wait!

Lever's Talent Innovation Summit isn’t like anything else on the circuit. With over 35 forward-thinking speakers from the talent community ready to share their stories,....

How to Welcome Someone New to the Team

Here’s a quick PSA for all employees looking to welcome a new hire to their team. Avoid the complicated pitfalls of social interactions, and follow the guide below to ensure a great first impression.

Onboarding Isn't Just for New Hires

Transitions are tough! Whether employees are starting fresh at a new company, moving into a new role, changing locations or leaving the organization, there are a million things that they need to prep for. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying, and they’re asking for some guidance. We’ve found that ....

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