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Jess Von Bank has spent 15 years in the talent & HR space. Obsessed with connecting amazing talent to incredible opportunity, Jess is passionate about the talent lifecycle and its impact on the bottom line and your competitive edge. When she's not building your employees' best first day ever at Click Boarding, and she races for swag and raises 3 girls in Minneapolis.
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Unconscious Bias and the Employee Experience

If I told you your hiring process is biased (despite your new D&I initiative,) you'd probably take offense. Hey, I’d love to be wrong! But you're not alone. While there are tomes of research tying an inclusive, diverse, culturally connected workforce to better business results, creating and....

Extending the Employer Brand

When did “Employer Brand” became a thing? Closest I can tell, the first book on Employer Brand was written in 2005 and “brought the best of brand management to people at work.” The first academic paper was even stodgier: “We define the Employer Brand as the package of functional, economic and....

Your Secret Weapon in the War For Talent: Onboarding

There’s a moment of truth in the recruiting process. An exact moment when you literally start realizing or losing the investment you’ve made in finding and acquiring a great hire.

I'm Being Onboarded and It's So Much Better Than Being Waterboarded

Former recruiters love to tell Hiring Horror stories. We all have 'em. One of my candidates showed up to her in-person interview on time, dressed for success, well-vetted and highly-prepped by yours truly… with a fake baby. In a full-on baby stroller, guys. 

I sent another clinical case manager....

Hey, HR: Hire Yourself & Tell Me How It Goes

Let's imagine I'm a chef: I love food, I love plating good food, I love the novelty of fine dining and delivering an experience that goes beyond food. So when I go out to eat, I'm bound to notice all of those things, right? 

Biggest No-Brainer

A few months back on The Road to HR Tech, I asked practitioners, vendors, analysts, employees and HR users alike: What’s ONE THING you’d fix about HR technology?

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