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Christine is responsible for Click Boarding’s sales, marketing and business development strategies. Leveraging her 18+ years of experience in the Human Capital Management space, Christine drives company growth through strategic partner relationships as well new customer acquisitions across the small to large enterprise markets.
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5 Tips to Increase Productivity and Decrease Onboarding Costs

Getting ready to make a round of hires? Bringing on new employees is an investment for firm’s time and money. Sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding is not cheap and once the new hire gets to work it can take about 5 months for them to reach full productivity levels. Seems like there’s no way to....

Hiring Remote Workers? Try These 4 Onboarding Techniques

In 2003, 19% of employees reported doing some part of their job remotely. Last year, that number increased to 23% and it will continue to raise over time. Remote telecommuting has been attributed to a reduction in turnover, stress and overhead along with an increase in productivity, engagement....

How to Calculate Onboarding Costs in a Cinch

Do you know how much your onboarding process is really costing your company? Are you aware of all of the minute details and costs related to bringing a new employee on to the team? You may be overlooking areas of your onboarding process and the costs associated with them. That's why we've....

The Most Stellar Onboarding Schedule to Impress New Hires in 3 Days

Did you know you only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression? Now think of all of the time a new hire has during their first 3 days of working in your business... it could be up to 24 hours! That's enough time to either leave a positive first impression on your new hire or one that....

Our Best (Not So) Secrets to Award-Winning Onboarding

Hiring, firing and everything in between.

The area between talent acquisition and talent management.

The candidate to applicant experience. 

We talk about all these things but rarely talk about onboarding at length, and it’s a darn shame because onboarding is the thing that actually fits in all....

4 Skills Recent Grads Don't Have That Your Onboarding Process Needs

It’s estimated Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Are you sick of hearing that yet? We know Millennials are taking over and while most HR buzz is around how to attract and retain them, there is a lot to be said for the current skills gap. Despite tech jobs all around the....

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