Christine Marino

Christine is responsible for Click Boarding’s sales, marketing and business development strategies. Leveraging her 18+ years of experience in the Human Capital Management space, Christine drives company growth through strategic partner relationships as well new customer acquisitions across the small to large enterprise markets.
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The Scoop on Hiring Success ‘17

Interviewer: Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer at Click Boarding

How Paperless Onboarding Boosts Business Growth

Small numbers mean big things when it comes to business growth. So, when we think about growing our businesses, we have to think about all the ways we can make use of those small increases. One thing we recommend? Paperless onboarding.

5 Things to Consider when Creating a New Hire Process Flow

How do you know you’ve covered everything you need to do with a recently hired employee? You can read guides and take lessons, but at some point your process needs to be unique. It’s up to you to make sure you can move from step to step without having to think about it. The best way to make sure....

How to Decrease New Employee Hiring Costs

Recruiting and hiring new employees can cost a pretty corporate penny, but the price tag of a new hire doesn’t stop after they’ve accepted your job offer. It continues through the onboarding, orientation and training processes. The key is understanding where you’re spending the most money and....

4 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Onboarding Software

What makes for a successful employee onboarding software? Is it a slick interface that makes everything look shiny, clean, and simple? That helps people feel better about using it, but it’s not always the most important part. Is it that it’s saving you money? That’s great, but if you still don’t....

5 Signs It's Time for a New Employee Onboarding Process

Still on the fence about your new employee onboarding process? You shouldn’t be. Whether you haven’t created a formal onboarding process, haven’t looked at it for years or are getting mandates from senior leadership about changing the program, you need to act fast. The more time you spend....

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