11 timely insights by compliance and onboarding experts

Collected from Thomas Brechtel J.D., Chief Revenue Officer, Form I-9 Compliance, LLC and Scott Poeschl, PHR, Vice President of Sales, Click Boarding

  1. We asked HR, “What do you believe is your biggest obstacle to delivering a great hiring and onboarding experience to every candidate?”, the answer we got was “The overwhelming number of tasks to manage.” This beat out the following choices:
    • Too difficult for HR to manage and new hires to complete all the forms
    • Not able to do what needs to be done to socialize and acclimate the new hire
    • Not having an easy, fast, complete and scalable onboarding process to 
      manage it all
  1. Biggest change to the new Form I-9 appears in section 1- Aliens authorized to work can now just give passport information.
  1. Biggest onboarding mistake organizations make? Doing too much and too manually leads to a poor and often non-compliant new hire experience.
  1. Soon it will be mandatory for all of HR to utilize E-Verify, and to do that you must first complete the Form I-9.
  1. An HR professional informed us his organization had 23 regulatory forms, and of which 90% were incorrectly filled out.
  1. We asked HR's what their #1 goal is when onboarding new hires. Their answer? Increase efficiency across all those involved in the process. This beat out the following choices:
    • Improve new hire productivity and performance starting week 1
    • Grow retention rates & loyalty among new hires in their first 45 days
    • Increase HR confidence and reduce compliance risk
  1. HR could be given a notice of federal inspection at any time.
  1. HR agrees that there’s so many forms in the hiring and onboarding process. In fact, one company's new hire paperwork in just one year measured 90' tall - that's 20' taller than the White House!
  1. According to SHRM, it costs $4,129 to hire an employee. And if your average wage is $40,000, it increases to over $8,000 to hire an employee.
  1. The regulations HR must manage are numerous, including social security, screenings, date of birth, direct deposit, W4s, the Form I-9, EEOC, Veterans status, non-competes, and more…
  1. Four percent of people take a job and don’t show up, and 20% of your turnover happens in the first 45 days.


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Karen Redetzki

Written by Karen Redetzki

Karen heads up all things marketing for Click Boarding including lead generation, brand, channel, events and communications. With Karen’s 17 years marketing experience in high-tech, Karen effectively delivers integrated sales and marketing programs that result in increased brand awareness and revenue opportunities.

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