Will Click Boarding be Named the Next Great HR Technology Company?

Find out at the HR Technology Conference!

What an honor to be named a participant in the "Next Great HR Technology Company" competition at the HR Technology Conference, one of “eight startups offering the most promising HR technology innovation"! I would say I’m speechless but I never am, so I’ll say instead thrilled! So appreciative!  So honored!

HR Tech has “long been known as the best place to discover the latest innovations in the HR technology marketplace”. This is where I get all choked up – to think that we are one of the hundreds of applicants selected as one of just eight Next Great HR Tech Company nominees, and that we have the opportunity to showcase our solution not just in the Expo Hall’s Start Up Pavilion but in a Mega Session! As the awards put it, “Which new technologies really deserve the attention of HR leaders?” All I can say is being selected as a nominee, we feel validated that solving for onboarding is a hot topic to the HCM community, and that we’ve built a pretty darn good one.

I’ve never missed an HR Tech Conference since being a software solution provider serving the Human Capital Management industry, as it really is one of - if not the best place - to hear from HR as to which solutions works best, as we listen in on the customer case study presentations and client panels. For HR, they get to hear from providers as much or as little as they want, and ask as many questions they need answers to. For all of us, we gain great insights from industry influentials about current and future trends, about gaps that vendors may not be filling that we need to address as a community of providers.  It’s the industry’s ‘Gala’ to become better informed. To connect with our clients, our partners, our peers, our friends. To get inspired to do more of better and less of whatever.

I hope to see you at HR Tech, as I’m not missing this year, either.

For those of you attending HR Tech, be sure to cast your vote in the “Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" session - if you like the show “The Voice”, you’ll like this session. And head over to the Expo Hall Start Up Pavilion and say hi to Click Boarding. You’ll find out why onboarding’s never been so easy.

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Karen Redetzki

Written by Karen Redetzki

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