The New Click Boarding: Unveiled!

The New Click Boarding

New website, check. New branding, check. New product, check! Excited? Yes!  Exhausted? More like exhilarated that we’ve launched! 

Will Click Boarding be Named the Next Great HR Technology Company?

Find out at the HR Technology Conference!

What an honor to be named a participant in the "Next Great HR Technology Company" competition at the HR Technology Conference, one of “eight startups offering the most promising HR technology innovation"! I would say I’m speechless but I never am, so....

Why HR is excited about attending The Optimum Solutions User Conference

Click Boarding’s proud to sponsor and excited to attend the Optimum Solutions User Conference in Nashville from September 13 – 16. The approximately 200 attendees expected get the rare chance to hear from “the number 1 best motivational storyteller in the world” Thomas Dismukes about finding....

HR Tech is back with a record-breaking number of exhibitors!

Click Boarding Exhibiting in HR Tech’s Hot Startup Pavilion

 HR Tech is the world’s biggest and best conference on HR technology. In fact, Human Resource Executive® magazine just announced how this year’s event is the biggest yet, requiring a waiting list for any other organization....

Hireology Announces Onboarding

In alliance with Click Boarding™, Hireology Automates Onboarding Process for New Hires, Increasing Employee Engagement, Operational Efficiencies, and Enhancing the Employer Brand

We're excited to announce that Hireology has launched the newest addition to their product, Onboarding! Onboarding....

Does the DOL's Overtime Ruling Have You Nervous?

Those of us who work closely with people management and human resources have been on the edge of our seats waiting for the Department of Labor (DOL) to release the final changes of their overtime exemptions ruling. Now that the final word has been given, we can imagine employers and their HR....

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