First Day, Best Day: Make It Count

First impressions are tough, but we’re here to help! Take a look at our top three tips to make the right impression on your new hire’s first day

The First Day Begins Before the First Day

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking and exciting for everyone. From the moment your new hire accepts....

7 Speedy Tips for Great Onboarding [Video]

Great onboarding doesn't have to be complicated. These 7, speedy tips will make a difference even your CEO will notice. See one you can't get enough of or perform one during your onboarding process you don't see listed? Talk to us about it! @clickboarding.

3 Most Overlooked Steps in Your Onboarding Process

Our friends in HR come to us asking us for quick fixes to onboarding processes all the time. Whether they’re using an onboarding platform from a third party, have created a home-grown system, rely on manual processes or have taken a hybrid approach, many who have started an onboarding process....

10 Onboarding Do's and Don'ts You Have to Know

Making an employee’s first day their best first day ever doesn’t come easily. In fact, for every company that excels at it, there are five more who are doing it oh-so-wrong (or not at all!) So much time is spent on candidate experience from the sourcing, application and interviewing process,....

Why You Should Be Avidly Measuring Quality of Hire

It’s no secret that finding the right candidate for your open position can be a difficult and time consuming. Matching skills, education and cultural fit are rarely easy but on top of these must haves, what also needs to be taken into consideration during the hiring process is quality of hire.


Where the Purple Squirrels Really Are

The early onboarding process is important, but a continued relationship with an employee is just as pivotal. Employees aren’t done being recruited and retaining relationships post-hire keeps them in the long term hiring pipeline. Many companies look externally to fill positions when they may....

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