Post-Halloween Stories: Onboarding Nightmares

When you remember nightmares you’ve had, what do they have in common? It might be running away from something, falling, failing, or being in a situation where you’re powerless to act. The common denominator is it’s always scary, and you had no control over your situation. Bad onboarding....

That New Hire #Swag- Do You Really Need It?

Story time. Let’s pretend that you’ve hired someone new and kicked off the onboarding process. You got all required forms done ahead of time using your paperless onboarding platform, introduced them to their hiring manager, and now they’re set to start. Your hire wakes up a little earlier than....

How to Get Onboarding Right, From Pre-hire to Retire

Starting a new role is stressful, whether an employee is changing roles, jobs, departments, or locations — or joining an organization for the first time. Learning new processes and adjusting to different expectations can be challenging and uncomfortable at any point in an employee’s career.

7 Awesome Ice Breakers for New Employees

Congratulations! You’ve got someone new joining your team. If you’ve made it past the welcome stage safely, you may be wondering how you can help your new teammate to open up and get comfortable in their new environment. How do you get them to release some of those first-week jitters and ease....

How to Welcome Someone New to the Team

Here’s a quick PSA for all employees looking to welcome a new hire to their team. Avoid the complicated pitfalls of social interactions, and follow the guide below to ensure a great first impression.

How to Improve Employee Engagement: Make the Mission Clear

Part 8 of the Employee Engagement Series

It’s 7:37 pm on Wednesday night. I’m still at work, writing this blog and jamming out to Stevie Wonder. It should be a pretty quiet and lonely experience, but I’ve come to realize that I’m not completely alone. While I might have the office all to myself,....

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