One is the Loneliest Number in Onboarding


How many people does it take to onboard a new employee? The first thought that comes to mind is simple: one - the onboarding manager. While some companies (most I’m willing to bet) take that unfortunate approach to new employee onboarding, maximizing a new employee’s success and overall value....

18 Jaw-Dropping Onboarding Stats You Need to Know

Retention, engagement, satisfaction, productivity….all things that keep HR professionals burning the midnight oil for the next best recruitment trends, performance management practices, or engagement strategy. While those endeavors are important and certainly should be pursued, what’s even more....

Experts Weigh In on the Future of Recruiting

The future of recruiting is much like the future of any industry: UNDETERMINED. The art and science of hiring has changed so much in the past few years, that all of us are wondering, what is next? Here, the experts weigh in on what skills you’ll need to survive in the future of recruitment: 

7 Reasons to Invest in Better Onboarding [Video]

Did you know 35% of companies spend zero dollars on onboarding?

The idea that spending $11,000 to hire someone and zero dollars to make them productive is detrimental. That’s like purchasing an expensive pair of shoes without ever breaking them in. With a candidate-driven job market, employers....

Ensuring Employee Retention in a Confident Job Market

Employees quit and start new jobs every month. That’s nothing new. But as someone working in HR, keeping tabs on trends in hiring (such as how many people get hired and leave their jobs every month) can help you develop more solid strategies for retention. As you learn about the shifts in the....

5 Employee Development Stats to Improve Retention

Hiring new employees comes with a hefty mix of emotions and pressures. Emotions? We’re talking nerves… you finally found the perfect candidate for the job, they’re talented qualified AND personable. Pressure? We’re talking night sweats!

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