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Kathy is a marketing manager at Click Boarding and directly responsible for brand, web, events and communications. She helps drive company growth through integrated sales and marketing programs that boost brand awareness and generate revenue opportunities.
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Top 3 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is king when it comes to retention, productivity, job satisfaction, and employee happiness. It's a big topic, and we've dedicated the last few months to figuring out what drives engagement by diving deep into Gallup's 12 elements of engagement for 2017. Next week, we're....

21 Eye-Popping Onboarding Stats

Onboarding can help boost employee engagement, retention rates, new hire productivity, and the company’s bottom line. You’ve heard the buzz, you know how important it is, but how do you convince your company that you need to formalize or reexamine your process? Here are 21 stats that highlight....

How to Improve Employee Engagement: Talk Progress

Part 11 of the Employee Engagement Series

When was the last time you had a chance to speak to your manager about your progress? And I’m not just talking about a formal performance review or appraisal process here, but a simple conversation between employee and employer. Can you remember? I can.....

How to Improve Employee Engagement: Find Good Friends

Part 10 of the Employee Engagement Series

You’ve probably heard this before “I hate my job, but I love the people.” Usually, that love stems from a mutual dislike of the company, culture-crushing gossip, criticism, and suppressed complaints. Flip that around to “I love my job, and I love the....

How to Improve Employee Engagement: Focus on Quality

Part 9 of the Employee Engagement Series

So, the manager just walked up to say that they need you on a team project and the planning meeting starts in 10. You grab your laptop and coffee, wander into the conference room with a smile plastered on your face and “please let this be a good group,....

Hiring is like dating. You're always looking for the perfect match!

Hiring is like dating. We find “the one”, we woo them, lavish with wine and chocolates, change our status on FB.  The stars align and we pop the question, “will you go out with me?”  They say “Yes”!! But what happens after that? What happens to our candidates after the wining and dining and....

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