Click Boarding Is Making Onboarding Better

Your business has one thing your competition doesn’t: your People. Finding, hiring, developing, activating and retaining the right talent for your business is a competitive edge you can’t afford to let dull. Add the rise of the gig economy, with more of the workforce considering freelance or....

Onboarding: Let's Get Past the Classroom

If you’re looking for new ideas on onboarding your employees in a classroom or lecture hall setting - you might want to take a step back. Classroom exercises may seem like the best option to make sure your new hires all have a consistent experience, but the process itself is outdated and....

UNLEASH the Future of Work – Today

Guys. Are you ready for this? Two months ago we were nominated for UNLEASH America’s Startup Award with over 20 other technologies. We were selected as a finalist (one of 6) at the end of April. And then, WE WON THE WHOLE DANG THING YESTERDAY!!

#UNLEASH18 Puts Onboarding Center Stage

We were nominated for UNLEASH America’s Startup Award, and now we’re in the finals! It’s an incredible honor. UNLEASH America (previously HR Tech World) is one of the fastest growing international shows in human capital management. It focuses on the future of work, technology, and how we’ll....

Create a Consistent and Unified Hiring Experience That Candidates Will Love

You invest valuable time, effort, and resources sourcing the perfect candidate through a compelling employer brand, talent attraction strategy, and recruiting experience. You certainly don't want to see your work go down the drain in the handoff from talent acquisition to talent management.....

Your Secret Weapon in the War For Talent: Onboarding

There’s a moment of truth in the recruiting process. An exact moment when you literally start realizing or losing the investment you’ve made in finding and acquiring a great hire.

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